The Hendo Story


Arx Pax is the parent company of Hendo* Hover. So how did this progeny come to be? For the purposes of this space, we’ll go with the abbreviated story (although the omnibus version is going to make a compelling miniseries). Greg Henderson had been on a dogged, unrelenting pursuit of discovering a way to magnetically levitate a stationary object. Because, he figured “If you can levitate a train, why not a building?” This was the first of a series of epiphanies, what we affectionally call a Greg “A-Ha!” moment. There were many to come.

It turns out the answer to that question could be found in our patented three-part building foundation system. The 2nd component which we call the Buffer Medium could be a liquid, a gas, a liquifiable solid or, (insert an “A-Ha” here) why not an electromagnetic field? This question lead to a series of unexpected discoveries that Greg coined: Magnetic Field Architecture MFA™ or a more efficient way to transmit electromagnetic energy.

Because hovering a building is not easily done straightaway, Greg and Jill chose something to hover that not only would take less time, but would demonstrate the technology and its scalability in a way that most people were somewhat familiar with. The Hendo Hoverboard became their muse. Like most of the people who remembered that motion picture trilogy, they also wanted to ride an honest-to-goodness hoverboard in their lifetime. So they wanted to design and build one. And, along with their team, they did both.

Greg, along with Victor, his friend and fellow MFA disciple, found many ways how not to hover an object (we’ve saved the outtakes reel).
But as many tenaciously passionate people will do, they prevailed . . . and the rise of Hendo Hover began.

Just like anything else, a successful result starts with a working prototype and continues to evolve as more resources are brought to bear on design optimization and technology advancements. It also takes an extraordinary team who believes. And when that happens, boom, you’ve got yourself a production Hendo Hoverboard.

All of us involved at Arx Pax and Hendo are proud to have started this hoverboard revolution with Hendo Hover.
This is the ride of our lives . . . and into the future.

* The name Hendo comes from Greg’s Army Ranger nickname: Henderson begat Hendo. Jill was take-no-prisoners insistent on naming the technology Hendo Hover: “It makes the brand more personal, and it just felt right.”