For those of us already on this ride, this is an amazingly smart and rewarding place to work. And shortly, we know we’re going to have opportunities in so many areas.

Our current hiring is only for very specific technology needs and we’ve defined those people and are pursuing them with great enthusiasm. But we encourage you to check back here and see what opens up.


It’s hard to describe a culture without lapsing into valley cliches. What we do know is this. We’re doing something that has never been done before. So from down the hall, you may either hear loud claps of excitement, or a string of expletives that would make a Marine blush. It’s the nature of what we do here at Hendo. Every day is an experiment. And that’s what makes it thrilling beyond words. There’s humor and camaraderie. And moments of “Hey, come see this!”  There are a lot of smart, creative, passionate and funny people here. Is it all unicorns and rainbows? Nope. No place is. But we love what we’re creating and the potential applications for people in all walks of life. That’s what matters. And that’s what motivates us.